Our Business

Textile Machinery


Based on our longstanding record in supplying textile machinery to customers around the world, we are able to apply cutting-edge technologies to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Over many years, Toyotsu Machinery has acquired a wealth of unique know-how in the area of textile machinery.
We carry a broad range of spinning machinery, together with all types of auxiliary equipment, for producing textile products used in many different industries, including clothing, automotive materials, electronics, construction, civil engineering, and agriculture.
Utilizing the global network of the Toyota Tsusho Group, we also conduct export and import of all textile machinery and equipment globally, with a focus on the Asia region.

Product Lines : Textile Machinery

Spinning machines

  • Ring spinning frames
  • Roving frames
  • Various winding machines (winders)
  • Air fine spinning frames
  • Yarn twisting machines
  • Plus other spinning machines and ancillary equipment

Weaving machines

  • Air jet looms
  • Weaving process preparation equipment
  • Patterning equipment (jacquard weaving)
  • Various weaving process carrier equipment
  • Plus other weaving machines and ancillary equipment

Nonwoven/dyeing and finishing machines

  • Various nonwoven fabric manufacturing equipment
  • Needle punching machines and rewinders
  • Various dyeing and finishing equipment
  • Laminating/coating machines
  • Pattern punching machines

Other product lines

  • Automatic threaders and rewinders
  • Creel tensors and tension monitoring equipment
  • Air conditioning and dust collection equipment
  • Boilers, compressors, water treatment equipment
  • Various automatic and labor-saving equipment