Our Business

Next-generation Automobile-related


Be the bridge connecting customers and suppliers in the constantly evolving field of electric vehicles

In the field of electric vehicles, we mainly sell production equipment of next-generation batteries, inverters (semiconductors), and sensors equipped with HV, PHV, EV, FCV and other electric vehicles, as well as provide wide range of services, from component technology development, installation and to after-sales support.

1.Toyotsu Machinery Functions : Total Support Systems for All Phases/All Processes

Utilizing our extensive experience in each phase from development through to mass production equipment, we propose suitable manufacturers and provide support tailored to customers’ needs.
We make proposals for complete production line manufacturers and equipment manufacturers with component technology capabilities, and coordinate multiple manufacturers through all manufacturing processes for vehicle batteries, inverters, vehicle sensors and other products in a system that covers everything from A to Z.

2.Toyotsu Machinery Functions : Sales to Production Plants

After equipment installation as well, we provide a full range of knowledge-based after-sales services, including helping reduce maintenance costs in production plants, proposing eco-friendly and energy-saving products, and labor-saving systems.

Maintenance cost reductions

We propose the optimal manufacturers from among more than 3,000 suppliers.

Historical Case Study #1

Maintenance costs were reduced by switching from original equipment manufacturers to secondary manufacturers when replacing parts or doing overhauls for a range of equipment, including processing machines, transfer machines, assembly machines, and industrial furnaces.

Historical Case Study #2

Delivery of low-cost functional parts from overseas manufacturers (Taiwan, South Korea)

Labor-saving systems

We offer various automated and labor-saving systems.

Historical Case Study #1

Robot system and random picking proposals : Automated detection of product scratches and defects using a vision system

Eco-friendly and energy-saving products

We offer products in a wide range of fields, from co-generation systems through to eco-products to be used in production plant improvements.

Historical Case Study #1

Delivery of various products to improve the plant environment, including plant air dehumidifiers and fatigue alleviation mats.

3.Initiatives to Enhance Functions

Through various efforts by a dedicated unit of experienced engineers, and former members of manufacturing companies, to improve the quality of processes and boost sales proposal skills, we are working to further enhance our functions. We aim to provide seamless value chains covering everything from plan creation to process design, improvements, safety management, installation, and after-sales service for both domestic and overseas projects.

  • New supplier identification
  • Sales and trade surveys
  • Supplier management
  • Presentations
  • Specification setting support
  • Value engineering proposals
  • Supplier introduction education
  • Customer standards education
  • Value engineering-based cost reductions
  • Sales and trade management
  • Ordering management
  • Supply management
  • Schedule and cost management
  • Event coordination
  • Advance risk identification
  • Advance design reviews and attendance
  • Interim instructions
  • Equipment quality creation guidance
  • Construction schedule management
  • Construction safety management
  • Suggestion management
  • Project management
  • Safety management
  • Construction management
  • Relocation and remov
  • Spare parts handling
  • Equipment diagnostics
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Repair and modification handling