What is Toyotsu Machinery?

Our Strengths


Synergistic Strengths

Through the synergistic strengths of the Toyota Tsusho Group, and a combination of our domestic and international networks, we seek to achieve optimal equipment procurement, transportation services, and solutions provision.
We deliver flexible support based on experience and knowledge developed through business dealings with many different customers around the world.

Safety Management

With the understanding that safety is the starting point for all work, our specialized business units are leading efforts to achieve accident- and personal injury-free workplaces through such initiatives as health and safety education for employees and suppliers, risk management through construcion safety attendance, and holding of regular safety council meetings.

Technical Strengths

With a specialist engineer unit comprising many skilled engineers, we design, install, maintain and modify machinery and equipment. We deliver the optimal machinery and equipment to customers, and have systems in places to provide peace of mind during use.


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Established in


Toyotsu Machinery was established in 1978 as Toyotsu Engineering.
Subsequently, four group companies merged in 2010 to become the current Toyotsu Machinery.

Net Sales

FYE 03/2023

176.9Billion Yen

With some locations in Japan, we provide adequate services around the world by also utilizing Toyota Tsusho Group networks.
※Apply the Accounting Standard for Revenue Recognition(ASBJ Statement No. 29) in or after the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022

Sales distribution by region

Number of Customers


We are expanding our business focused on automobile-related companies, and maintaining relationships of trust with over 3,000 customer companies.

Number of Suppliers


We have formed networks with over 4,500 supplier companies to provide services to meet customers’ requirements.

Number of Countries We Have Business


We conduct business in many countries and regions in Asia, America, Europe and Africa.