Our Business

Machinery and Equipment


Total support in equipment planning from start to finish

From developing plans for plant equipment through to procurement and installation, and subsequent maintenance and improvements, we utilize our extensive plant operation experience and know-how to provide customers with a total support package.

Equipment installation

We search around the world for the latest technology, materials and products to build the most effective facilites to meet our customers’ needs. We provide comprehensive support at every stage, from production preparation, equipment procurement, installation, and up to the start of manufacturing.

Supporting for overseas factory expansions

We offer support from the production preparation stage. By using our Toyota Tsusho Group logistics, we consolidate shipping and manage total delivery operation to reduce cost.

Kaizen, repair, maintenance

After starting production, we respond to any kind of equipment maintenance, modification, layout changes, and Kaizen activities, as well as propose ideas for making the most of idle equipment in customers’ factories.

Machinery and Equipment Businesses Flow

We offer the optimal products to meet the diverse needs of customers. We comply with customer’s on-premise rules and ensure safety management and delivery management. Customer’s work processes We respond flexibly to customers’ needs after equipment installation, including conducting maintenance and modifying layouts. We provide the optimal supply service during emergencies and normal operation, meeting the need for equipment consumables and blades.

Production Equipment (Logistics)

Through centralized management of scheduling using the Toyota Tsusho Group network, we are able to reduce costs and provide efficient production equipment logistics to overseas customers.

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